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The Crust

It's our secret sauce!

Our award-winning crust is made fresh daily, on-site, from 100% natural sourdough. Our starter originates off the Southern tip of Italy on Ischia Island.  It’s world-famous for the sourdough yeast that has made bread on this island for over a thousand years. The Wheelz Ischia sourdough pizza crust has a wonderful taste, chew, and texture that creates a world-class pizza.

But we can’t say more than that-only two people in our entire company are allowed to know the whole recipe.

Our 72-hour cold fermentation process gives our crust an airy rise every time. The fermentation process breaks down naturally occurring gluten, allowing our pizza crust to be more easily eaten and digested. Everyone loves our crust so much we use the same dough for our signature chocolate chip cookies and our lofty loaves of bread (Sorry! They often sell out so fast we never even put them on the shelves.)

The Sauce

It's quite simple actually. We take naturally sweet organically grown tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness. Add a touch of sea salt and a bit of organic Sicilian  oregano, and then top in its own juices. Nothing fancy here. But more importantly, nothing that didn't come straight from nature. Just good, fresh, tomato sauce for great pizza.

The Cheeze

Bacio Cheese is arguably the gold standard of pizza cheese. Passionate about premium cheese perfection, Bacio's master cheese maker discovered that their signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™️ enhanced the taste and gooey-ness of traditional mozzarella cheese. Creamier and less oily than standard pizza toppers Bacio's delicate flavor balance is the ultimate compliment to our sauce.


With all of the hard work that goes into making everything about our pizza delicious, we had to select the best premium meats and fresh veggies to make it perfect! Add any of our toppings to complete your pizza and make it just the way you like it!


 Everyone gets emotional about chocolate chip cookies, and so do we! That's why we spent years perfecting our recipe - and found that the best cookies are served warm, slightly chewy, and have that yin-yang of sweet (Dark chocolate chips) and a tad sea salty. To know them is to crave them!