About – The Wheelz Difference

Great pizza is all about the ingredients! Our Neapolitan-Brooklyn Style pizza is the perfect balance of thickness, and our ingredients are all fresh and from the very best sources.

We Rise With Our Dough

The signature product of Wheelz pizza is our sourdough crust, made chemical-free from the purest flours, and it is 100% natural. Our sourdough starter has 6,000 year old Italian roots, and our cold fermentation process allows our crust to have an airy rise every time. Additionally, the fermentation process breaks down unnecessary gluten in the dough, allowing our pizza crust to be more easily eaten and digested.
Made daily, fresh and onsite, our dough is sure to be a gamechanger for any pizza lover!

The Sauce Speaks for Itself

Made from naturally sweetened tomatoes, with no additives, our sauce only needs a touch of sea salt and some organic basil, and is then topped in its own juices. Nothing fancy here. Just good, fresh, tomato sauce for great pizza.

Even the Cheese Stands Alone

Grande Cheese is arguably the gold standard of pizza cheese. Creamier and richer than standard pizza toppers, this flavorful cheese has near perfect melt properties and is the ultimate compliment to our pizza sauce.

Preservative and filler free, Grande Cheese is less oily than standard cheeses, and that means your pizza won’t be a greasy mess. We have especially chosen this cheese, as it brings out all of the flavors in any pizza you choose!

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